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Present and Accounted For: Attendance Management 101

posted on Dec 13, 2019

The work force is aging, and at the same time, a younger generation of workers is emerging and redefining the workplace with the advent of technology and tools that promote virtual vs. physical presence. How do you effectively create and manage your organizations needs for regular, scheduled, in-person attendance by your employees? This workshop offers a primer for people managers at all levels complete with policies, programs, tools and techniques, on how to encourage ‘presenteeism’ and how to address fault and no-fault absenteeism should it become problematic for your organization.

Instructor: Marsha Goldford

Marsha Goldford is a chartered professional in Human resources, currently employed with Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) as their Director of Training and Development. Marsha has a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University, and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management from Royal Roads University.

Marsha is also an active community volunteer serving as a director on housing boards and as a mentor with the BC Human Resources Management Association and Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group