Event Recordings:

KEYNOTE: First Voices Leadership with Mel Hedch, Angell Olsen, Haley Hodgkinson, and Daniel (A way Home Kamloops)

Empowering those with lived expertise to guide the community movement to end youth homelessness. Nothing about us without us. In this session we will hear from 4 youth leaders about their experiences, and their thoughts on how organizations can engage in first voices leadership in an intentional and meaningful way.


   Chelsea Minhas (Facilitator) Covenant House Vancouver

   Mel Hedch (Speaker) Youth Advisor, A Way Home Kamloops

   Haley Hodgkinson (Speaker) Youth Advisor, A Way Home Kamloops

   Daniel (Speaker) Youth Advisor, A Way Home Kamloops


POLICY: Prevention with David French and Heidi Walter (A Way Home Canada)

The creation of policy, investment and the service environment that enables a shift away from simply “managing” the problem of youth homelessness through emergency services to a more proactive, rights-based approach that focuses on prevention (stopping young people from becoming homeless in the first place) is within reach. Using an evidence-driven and solutions-focused approach, A Way Home Canada will share the momentum towards prevention, the opportunities that exist to shift our practice in that direction and the collective action needed to make large scale change. 



   David French (Speaker) A Way Home Canada

   Heidi Walter (Speaker) A Way Home Canada

 PEACE Program for Children and Youth in BC with Experience of Violence

This short session will share information about children and youth’s experiences of domestic violence in Canada and highlight the link between domestic violence and homelessness.  The speakers will share information about the 86 Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment (PEACE) Programs throughout BC for children and youth with experiences of violence (previously the Children Who Witness Abuse program).

   Nicky Bowman (Speaker) Children and Youth Services (CYS) Coordinator, BC Society of Transition Houses (BCSTH)
   Rena Andronek (Speaker) PEACE Program Coordinator, Ishtar Women’s Resource Society


First Call: Fostering Change with Susan Russell-Csanyi

Susan works as a Campaign Organizer on the Fostering Change Campaign in BC. Supported by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition. Her work is Fostering Change is focused on pillars of youth development and policy advocacy that are focused on improving post majority support for youth leaving the foster care system. 

Rooted in a lens of lived expertise, Susan Russell-Csanyi has been advocating for improvements in the child welfare system for 8 years. As a former second generation foster child born and raised in Winnipeg, now living in Vancouver, Susan works to change outcomes nationally and provincially relevant to youth transitions from care.


  Chelsea Minhas (Facilitator) Covenant House Vancouver
  Susan Russell-Csanyi (Speaker) Campaign Organizer, Fostering Change Campaign in BC

Food Security and Beyond: Supporting Food Literacy for Precariously Housed and Homeless Youth

Food is at the forefront of how we connect with clients within Directions Youth Services. Not only because it responds to food insecurity for vulnerable young people but because it provides opportunities to understand their other needs and wants. To help move young people from crisis to stability and resilience, we create small but valuable opportunities to develop food literacy skills for youth who access our services.


  Chelsea Minhas (Facilitator) Covenant House Vancouver
  Marnie Goldenberg (Speaker) VP, Programs, Family Services of Greater Vancouver
  Sylvia Elliott (Speaker) Food Program Coordinator, Directions Youth Services
  Roulf (Speaker) Lived Expertise


Staff Wellness Conversation: Organizational Learning and Critical Reflexivity

One of the defining characteristics of Human Services Organizations is the need to adapt and learn from ever changing circumstances. Often there are reductions in funding, changes in policies and governments, and rapidly changing patterns of need among those we serve to which we must adapt. What does it mean to meet these problems as a reflexive learning organization? What strategic tools can we use in our organizations to thrive in the face of challenge and change?


  Chelsea Minhas (Facilitator) Covenant House Vancouver
  Amanda Thiessen (Speaker) Educator and Organizational Coach - Organizational Health and Resiliency in Trauma-Exposed Fields, Contrator