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Event Recordings:

Systemic racism in healthcare: Barriers and pathways to healing with James Harry (All Nations Outreach Society), John Su (Indigenous Innovations YVR), Janarae Tom (Indigenous Innovations YVR), and Kelly White (Indigenous Innovations YVR).



This session will explore Indigenous perspectives around navigating access to healthcare. Innovative Land Based healing and outreach programs that break down barriers to health care will also be highlighted through this dialogue.




Challenges and Emerging Practices: Health based approaches to Safe Supply with Dr. Piotr Klakowicz (Lookout iOAT Clinic), Meg Tran (Lookout Housing + Health Society), Dr. Christy Sutherland (Medical Director, PHS Community Services), and Lenae Silva (Open Heart Collaborative).



This session will explore challenges and emerging practices around accessing safe supply. Participants will discuss Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment (iOAT) programming, peer perspectives, and health impacts. This session will also highlight the Enhanced Access Program, a paid prescription fentanyl program recently launched in Vancouver. 

Creative Interlude with Dean Caldwell



Challenges and Emerging Practices: Providing healthcare in community with Jessy Knight (Open Heart Collaborative), Corey Wein (Island Health), Kara Whitlock (UVic), Robyn Kyle (PORT), Jennifer Lidvall (Lookout Housing + Health Society) and Terry Brock (Lookout Housing + Health Society)


This session will explore the unmet health needs of those experiencing homelessness and the important role outreach plays in connecting unhoused individuals to critical health care services.


Best Practices Panel 1: Supporting Transitions from Healthcare Settings with Dean Caldwell (PHS Community Services), Lauren Warbeck (PHS Community Services), Dan Gregoire (Al Mitchell Shelter), Sarah Eisler (St. Paul's Hospital), Thiago Camargo (Catholic Charities), and Joanne Swartz (St. Paul's Hospital).

What might generate systems change? How might individuals and organizations play a role? A broad cross-section of people will share their insights and work on critical changes in policy and practice that can make a difference.



Best Practices Panel 2: Complex Care Housing Panel with Leya Rennert-May (Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions), Kevin Parker (Raincity), Celeste Hayward (AMHA), Kendra Milne (Health Justice).

This session will explore a new approach to address the needs of individuals experiencing overlapping mental-health challenges, substance-use issues, trauma and acquired brain injuries who are often left to experience homelessness.