HSABC's Strategic Priorities

The Homelessness Services Association of BC’s Board of Directors and staff have identified five strategic priorities for coming years.

1. Embed decolonization, anti-oppression, and meaningful inclusion of people with lived/living experience throughout HSABC.

Building on HSABC’s perspective that our goal of ending homelessness is embedded within the right to adequate housing and acknowledging the Indigenous Definition of Homelessness in Canada (see HSABC’s Advocacy Framework), we are committed to ensuring the deliberate and meaningful inclusion of those with lived expertise and living experience of homelessness in decision-making and ensure all actions contribute to decolonization and anti-discrimination. This will include clarification of HSABC’s Mission, Vision, Values and brand to fully reflect these commitments.

2. Promote an environment of safety within all relevant supports and services, and in communities.

HSABC is committed to promoting safe and accessible spaces in shelters, drop-in, and outreach programs through high-quality training and using research to advocate for equitable and safe workplace environments. Moreover, HSABC will be looking to promote and expand the Partnerships Between Health and Homelessness program.

3. Build Member organizational capacity.

HSABC is looking to expand opportunities for shared learning and collaboration: (a) moving towards accreditation of our trainings; (b) expanding on our learning series; and (c) developing training and supports for effective and ethical integration of peers in the workplace. Additionally, HSABC will work towards promoting a provincial standard of practice for human rights-based access to shelter and housing; and researching labour market conditions within our sector.

4. Expand regional reach and impact throughout the province.

HSABC is considering what a province-wide reach and presence looks like and working to deepen our relationships across BC. Primary focus will be to establish, facilitate or maintain regional dialogues and scaling out HSABC in-person trainings and initiatives province-wide.

5. Strengthen HSABC’s operational capacity, continuity, and cohesion.

HSABC will be growing our staff team to increase capacity, encourage cross-training and foster a collaborative work environment. This will include striving to become a magnet employer (attracting and retaining staff) and diversifying our funding streams.