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Event Recordings:

Panel Presentations and Dialogue: Spaces of Oppression and Strategies for Fighting Back with Kevin Yake, Dave Hamm, Fiona York, Kerry Bamberger and Amelia Merrick



Live Transcript Copy HERE

Live Transcript Copy HERE

How does the oppression of people experiencing homelessness take shape in public spaces? What is the impact of street sweeps, loss of belongings, and lack of privacy? What are some strategies for fighting back?



Best Practices Panel 1: Peer Power with Katt Cadieux, Jordan Harris, Richard Schabler, Lynn McDonald

Live Transcript Copy HERE 

What role do peers play in addressing the criminalization of homelessness? What are some best practices that can make a difference in systemic change?

 Best Practices Panel 2: Beyond Bylaws with Mary Schultz, Shawn Bayes, Delilah Greg and Flora Munroe

Live Transcript Copy HERE
What role do bylaws play in the criminalization of homelessness?