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Event Recordings:

Morning welcome and Eva's Initiative with Rita Asare

Eva’s is an award-winning organization that provides shelter, transitional housing, and programming to help young people build brighter futures free of homelessness. They give young people the tools to transition out of homelessness permanently and collaborate and innovate to end youth homelessness.
Rita Asare is honoured and excited to present on this critical issue facing youth especially marginalized homeless and at-risk Black youth, ensuring to create space for all youth with a particular focus on Black youth and Anti-Racism work.
She will provide an overview of Eva’s Initiative as a leading youth organization in Toronto and the story of the organization’s founding mother Eva Maud Smith. She will walk us through their various shelters, housing and wrap-around support programs and initiatives the organization is engaging in to strengthen the organizational capacity to engage in this meaningful work for the homeless youth population within Canada.


   Erica Griffin (Facilitator) Monday Morning Consultants

   Chief Rhonda Larrabee (Protocol Welcome) Qayqayt First Nation

   Stephanie Allen (Speaker) Associate Vice President  - Strategic Business Operations and Performance, BC Housing

   Rita Asare (Speaker) Senior Site Manager, YOUth Belong Program, Eva’s Initiatives


A CRITICAL CONVERSATION: Race and Homelessness in Canada with Dr. June Francis and Rhonda Hunte

Dr. Francis and Rhonda Hunte bring two critical perspectives—a foundation in history and a grounding in service delivery—to this conversation about racialization and homelessness in Canada. Learn about the Black experience of racism and how it intersects with the lack of home, the sector's challenges to front line approaches to addressing needs as well as the work done at Nora Hendrix Place, to deliver racially and culturally informed service delivery



   Erica Griffin (Facilitator) Monday Morning Consultants

   Dr. June Francis (Speaker) Hogan's Alley Society 

   Rhonda Hunte (Speaker) Nora Hendrix Place, Project Manager

 Slam Poetry - Bryant Doradea

I will be performing a series of poems that I've written over the years. Each piece I will recite relates to a different issue or struggle I've traversed which directly relates to my difficulty in finding housing or the existential state I've always been in where I feel I never have a "home". These topics include Complex PTSD, intergenerational trauma, colonization, and foster care.

   Bryant Doradea (Speaker) Hip Hop artist, poet, writer, youth worker, and grass roots community organizer


Panel: Systems of Oppression

Jazzy Aul: Culture and Housing

Jazzy will share some of the first-hand challenges he has experienced in supporting racialized clients on the frontlines from a “Culture and Housing” perspective with emphasis placed on the restrictive nature of the National Occupancy Standards in Canada. 

Sherman Chan: Immigration and Housing

This presentation will highlight the history of immigration, policies and practices; and discuss through the lens of intersectionality on immigration status, systemic discrimination, housing and homelessness challenges in Canada.

Upkar Singh Tatlay: Racialized and Marginalized

This presentation will illustrate how research, data collection, and community outreach has exposed disparities in health and housing equity.

Kelly Go: ‘Crimmigration’ and Housing

SWAN focused its work on addressing the impacts of criminal and immigration law on im/migrant self-identified women who are in the sex industry. In this discussion, SWAN is going to talk about crimmigration and what homelessness looks like at the intersection of race, gender, immigration status (or the lack of), and sex working status. The presentation will end with some reflective questions for participants to think about in terms of organizational mandate and how to better serve people with precarious immigration status who are facing homelessness.


Staff Wellness Conversations with Tiffany Reddick

Join Tiffany Reddick, a licensed professional counselor and board-certified coach, and Erica Nicole Griffin, an anti-racist scholar and consultant, as they engage in a conversation that asks the question: how can organizational leaders support the wellness of their employees? Given the myriad challenges that Black, First Nations and Indigenous people and other people of color face as they serve communities in BC and across the country, endure the pandemic and experience racism, it is crucial that senior leaders develop strategies to support employee wellness.


   Erica Griffin (Speaker) Monday Morning Consultants

   Tiffany Reddick (Speaker) SavvyLife Group


CULTURAL DEXTERITY: Practical solutions for front line workers

How do we recognize our biases and change course when we need to? How do you respond to diverse cultural needs? What do you do when you don’t have all the answers?



Erica Griffin (Facilitator) Monday Morning Consultants

Felix-Marie Badeau (Speaker) Interim Program Manager for Indigenous Health Services/Culture Saves Lives , PHS Community Services Society