2020-21 Homeless Counts

In 2020, community profiles were created as a result of Homeless Counts conducted in eight communities across British Columbia.

In 2020, the Province of British Columbia funded homeless counts in 16 communities. Eight of these counts were completed before March 17, 2020. The public health emergency declared under British Columbia’s Public Health Act meant the remaining eight counts were put on hold. 

The remaining eight communities conducted their counts between March and April 2021.

PDF: 2020-21 Report on Homeless Counts in B.C.

  • BC Housing, Homelessness Policy and Partnerships Branch Ministry of Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Housing, and the Homelessness Services Association of BC are working on a strategy to carry out the remaining homeless counts. If and when the counts take place, they will be done in a way that will address health and safety concerns. The counts will only be done if it is safe to do so and if partners wish to proceed.
  • Homeless counts give important baseline information on the estimated number, key demographic and service provision needs of people experiencing homelessness. A Point in Time count (PiT count) provides a snapshot of people who are experiencing homelessness in a 24-hour period.
  • The 2020 homeless count survey includes new questions about racial identity and acquired brain injury.
  • Completion of a provincial homeless count report has been postponed from Fall 2020. It will be done after the remaining homeless counts planned for BC can be completed. The report will include the 16 provincially funded counts, as well as other homeless counts that received funding from the federal government or other sources.
  • This data will help the Province and communities better understand who is experiencing homelessness and why. The results can inform the development of supports and services that will best help people in need, in different communities.
  • This is a complex issue that requires complex and coordinated solutions. We’re working hard to turn the tide on the number of people experiencing homelessness in B.C.