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Managing Multi Generations in the Workforce

posted on Dec 13, 2019

With the prospect of four plus generations in today’s workforce, never before has managing diverse work styles, preferences and expectations been more challenging. What does it take to secure and inspire talent to get the job done? How do you find that ‘middle ground’ that engages and challenges younger workers without discarding tried and true established ways of doing business? How do you get your less tech-savvy employees to warm to new approaches? This HSABC webinar will take a closer look at generational differences and examine tools and techniques for attracting and keeping the best fit for your organization and for motivating your employees to be present, productive and professional in performing their jobs.

Instructor: Marsha Goldford

Marsha Goldford is a chartered professional in Human resources, currently employed with Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) as their Director of Training and Development. Marsha has a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University, and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management from Royal Roads University.

Marsha is also an active community volunteer serving as a director on housing boards and as a mentor with the BC Human Resources Management Association and Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group