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Introduction to Strategic Planning​

posted on Dec 13, 2019

An effective strategic plan will inspire a diverse group of organizational supporters and team members, including funders, volunteers, donors and staff, to drive towards shared outcomes. Confirming a clear purpose, and defining priorities, are critical elements to a robust strategic plan.

This session will introduce a planning framework specific to not-for-profit organizations, and outline steps to building a plan with your team.

  • Evaluate the differences between a strategic plan and an operational plan
  • Outline different types of environmental scans and their role in effective preparation for strategic planning
  • Decribe the five components of a strategic plan for your organization: Vision, mission, success, strategic goals and values
  • Topics
  • Achieving organizational alignment and commitment to shared goals through a strategic plan

Mark Friesen

Mark Friesen is the Director of Capacity Development at Vantage Point, where he assists not-for-profit organizations throughout BC with strategic planning, governance, and capacity building. Mark excels at assessing governance structures and finding democratic solutions to organizational challenges. At Vantage Point, Mark can be found facilitating new and seasoned not-for-profits at various stages in their organizational life cycle. Mark received his Masters’ in Urban Studies at SFU, where he received a Graduate Fellowship in 2012, the Doug Drummond Research Fellowship in 2013, and graduated with the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal in 2015 for his research into governance at the scale of the city-region. Mark has served as a volunteer, association founder, and an executive director, and has led fundraising, strategic planning and program development efforts in the sector for over 15 years. He currently sits on the Board of the Ripple Coast Society and Columbia College.