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Negotiating with Landlords​

posted on Dec 13, 2019

This HSABC webinar identifies ways to successfully work with landlords to find private market rental housing for hard to house clients. The webinar includes many real-life examples and strategies to help clients find the right housing. Attendees will learn about:

  • The housing search;
  • Getting viewings;
  • What to take to a viewing;
  • Negotiating leases;
  • Building strong relationships; and
  • Negotiating evictions.

Instructor: Alynn Gausvic

Alynn was the Manager for the Homeless Outreach Program at the Progressive Housing Society in Burnaby. Her primary task was to manage the program, the staff and to build community partnerships in order to help clients find and maintain permanent housing. Over the years, Alynn has helped to house hundreds of people coming out of homelessness. She also worked as the supervisor for the Floating Outreach Program at Inn from the Cold in Calgary after finishing her Master’s Degree in Social work.

Currently, Alynn is in Los Angeles, one of the few places in the world with a higher cost of living than Vancouver, where she is the director for LA Family Housing