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Helping Clients To Obtain ID​

posted on Dec 13, 2019

This webinar will cover the process of helping clients apply for government-issued identification, and strategies for dealing with common obstacles in the application process. Obtaining identification can be densely administrative and complicated, filled with contradictory forms and other barriers. It can be particularly difficult for people experiencing homelessness and other systemic forms of marginalization, many of whom lack any identification whatsoever. Obtaining identification can be an important step in pursuing many routes to housing and stability: opening a bank account, obtaining social assistance, checking into a detox program, or signing a lease, among other things. Drawing on the knowledge used in the ID Clinic operated by UBC Law students and volunteer lawyers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, this discussion will reflect the lessons learned from the clinic’s first year and a half in operation.

Instructor: Julia Riddle

Jodi is the Director of Non-Market Operations with the City of Vancouver. She has diverse experience developing, implementing and evaluating homelessness initiatives in the non-profit, government and academic sectors. Prior to coming to the City of Vancouver, Jodi was the Deputy Executive Director of Lookout Emergency Aid Society.