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TRAC & HSABC: Bed Bugs​

posted on Dec 13, 2019

Bed bugs are everywhere, from the Downtown Eastside, to the West End, and everywhere in between. So how do you avoid bed bugs, spot bed bugs, and treat bed bugs? Can landlords evict tenants for bringing bed bugs into a rental unit? Can tenants end their tenancy if they find bed bugs? These are just some of the complicated questions that this webinar will explore. Presented in partnership with TRAC.

Instructor: Andrew Sakamoto

Andrew started at TRAC in 2010, ED of TRAC since 2013, on the Vancouver Renters Advisory Committee and a PovNet board of director and serves on the Residential Tenancy Branch Operational Stakeholders Committee. Has always worked in the non-profit sector. SFU grad with a communication degree.