HSABC Webinar: Gender Diversity and Inclusion

July 23, 2024, 1:00 - 2:30 PM

In this training, we discuss the differences between gender, biological sex, and sexuality, take a look at common experiences of gender diverse individuals in the shelter context, and discuss ways in which shelters can adopt more inclusive practices for gender diverse clients.


Instructor: Rowan King

Rowan (he/they) brings both lived experience and a broad skillset to this training session. He has first-hand knowledge of the perks and challenges that come with being both a person of trans experience and a person with disabilities. Rowan has also worked to serve his community through an initiative he started which sent gender-affirming clothing ("binders") to over 70 transmasculine and non-binary youth across the globe.


Rowan has a diploma in Library & Information Technology and has mainly worked in the non-profit sector as a Communications professional and manager. He recently launched his own business called all•Access, a digital accessibility initiative which focuses on supporting businesses to make their websites and online presence inclusive of people with disabilities. He is also a board member of Friends of Granville Island, a non-profit working to ensure Granville Island is an accessible, equitable, and inclusive 'People's Place'. He cares deeply about his various communities and strives to be a resource who helps improve the quality of life of the people (and non-human animals) around him.