HSABC Webinar: Empowering the Frontline : Harm Reduction Strategies for Homelessness Services

June 20, 2024, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Calling all frontline and outreach workers in the homelessness-serving sector! Join us for an impactful webinar focused on harm reduction strategies tailored to your vital work. Delve into the principles and practices of harm reduction, gain practical insights into effective interventions, and learn advocacy techniques for implementing inclusive policies within your communities. While open to all, this webinar is specifically designed to equip you, the frontline heroes, with the tools and knowledge needed to create safer environments for those experiencing homelessness. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with experts, share best practices, and strengthen your ability to make a lasting difference.


Instructor/s Bio/s: Hailey Mawer RN

Hailey Mawer is a Registered Nurse and Owner/ Co-Founder of Westside Harm Reduction; she has been an activist for the human rights and public health of people who use drugs for over a decade. Hailey has a passion for evidence-based care and dismantling problematic policies, practices and structural stigma through; education, program development and consulting with organizations in developing and implementing harm reduction frameworks, policies and quality improvement initiatives. She provides both in-person and virtual learning opportunities across both Alberta and B.C. As a clinician, educator, consultant, and advocate with a passion for reducing social and institutional inequities, she aims to bridge gaps in knowledge related to sex, drugs, and harm reduction through the provision of culturally safe and evidence-based services.


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