HSABC Webinar: 7 Tips for Reducing Risk for Women in Shelters

September 25, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Shelter workers can provide services to women who are often the most marginalized. These women may be experiencing intergenerational trauma, addiction, and/or mental health concerns. They may be newly arrived immigrants or refugees, have difficulty securing housing, or be involved in a child custody case.

In this webinar, we will lay the context for why women's safety in shelters is so vital. We will discuss:

  • The scale, causes and conditions of women’s homelessness;
  • Four principles that underlay creating safety for women in shelters; and
  • Provide seven actionable tips to help you increase women's safety in shelters regardless of your space and constraints.
We would like to thank BC Society of Transition Houses for their ongoing support in the development of this webinar.

Instructor/s Bio/s:

Randene Wejir, Chief Executive Director, Turning Points Collaborative Society 
Naomi Poitras, Site Manager, Vernon Emergency Shelter, Turning Points Collaborative Society 
Felix Gilliland, Manager of Social Change, Salal Sexual Violence Support Services