HSABC and TRAC Webinar: Peace and Privacy in your Residence

June 8, 2022, 10:00 - 11:30 AM


All tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of their rental housing. This means that they are entitled to reasonable privacy, exclusive use of their unit, and freedom from unreasonable disturbances. This webinar will cover topics such as noise, smoking, disclosure of personal information, and landlord entry.


Instructor: Lasse Hvitved


Lasse has a degree in law from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In Denmark, he served as a citizen counsellor, where he aided in dispute resolution between citizens and the government in areas such as benefits, disabilities and housing. Prior to coming to TRAC he worked in the Legal Advocacy program at Seniors First BC providing Information, referral and representation services to older adults, primarily in issues with tenancy. Currently, he is working for TRAC helping people in low-income and supportive housing that are experiencing issues with their landlord.