HSABC Webinar: Making Work Relationships Work

December 15, 2020, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Making Work Relationships Work

In this 1 ½ hour long webinar we will delve into the nature of strong, healthy workplace relationships with a focus on building rapport; learning successful communication skills; entering into authentic conversations; and developing skills to work with difficult coworkers. 

I. Developing Strong Relationships
A. What do strong relationships look like?
B. What you can do to build better relationships are work.
1. EQ
2. People Skills
II. Authenticity Communication.
A. Awareness windows
III. Working with Difficult Coworkers.
A. Exploring the situation
B. Action Options
IV. Summary

Instructor: Amanda Thiessen

Amanda specializes in helping individuals and organizations manage workplace stresses and make positive changes.

As a ‘Stress Strategist,’ Amanda works with individuals through the process of inquiry to support people in gaining clarity and finding solutions to challenges. She offers a range of workshops to organizations to facilitate the creation of safe, supportive, and positive work environments.

Having worked for over 15 years in the non-profit world, she has firsthand knowledge of the kinds of experiences that exemplify working in front-line capacities. Her experience includes working in the areas of addiction, victim services, mental health and developmental disabilities.

Although Amanda has a BA in Psychology, a Bachelors of Social Work and a MA in Theology, her greatest accomplishments remain being a loving partner, a devoted mother, and a good friend.

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