HSABC & TRAC Webinar: Deposits, Fees, and Rent Increases

June 27, 2024, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Deposits, Rent Increases and Fees

For most BC tenants, money is tight and every dollar matters. Can a tenant be charged a deposit for having a pet? Can a landlord charge a fee for late payment of rent? What’s the allowable rent increase percentage for this year and next year? This webinar will educate you on the rules regarding deposits, rent increases and fees, to ensure that you’re not paying your landlord any more money than you need to


Lasse Hvitved

Lasse Hvitved has a Degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Before moving to Canada, he served as a Citizen-Counsellor, where he aided in dispute resolution between citizens and the government in areas such as benefits, disabilities, and housing. TRAC hired Lasse in October 2020, and now primarily helps low-income tenants in supportive housing. Before joining TRAC, he worked in the Legal Advocacy Program at Seniors First BC, providing legal assistance to older adults with tenancy issues.