HSABC Webinar: Strong Back and Soft front: Trauma-informed Leadership and Skills workshop

January 31, 2024, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

<div>There is a tremendous amount of suffering caused by complex situations that leaders are regularly confronted with. This is particularly true in the social and community services sector. In order to be an effective, caring, and compassionate leader, Individuals need to broaden skills and deepen self-reflection. This workshop aims to support those in leadership and supervisory positions by building on their trauma-informed practice and is focused on developing a foundation for trauma-informed leadership growth to take place. The following topics will be covered: communication, debriefing and supervision skills; emotional awareness; conflict resolution, countertransference and parallel processes; and self-care and collective care. Participants will engage with concepts of vicarious trauma and burnout and will learn to support and lead staff in meaningful ways using micro, mezzo, and macro approaches. Participants will reflect on their own leadership styles while also critically engaging their understanding of trauma and leadership from a social justice and compassionate lens.</div> <div> </div> <div>Instructor/s: Karine Silverwoman

I am an experienced Social Worker (MSW, RSW), therapist, consultant, educator, and personal trainer. My work is informed by my lived experience of over 20 years of working in the social work field and my engagement in social justice activism.

I have extensive training in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches, clinical supervision and leadership. I am particularly passionate about working with front-line workers, managers, first responders, and community activists to deepen their skills, align with their values and find meaningful strategies to support them in the work that they do.</div>