HSABC Webinar: Managing Hostile Interactions

January 23, 2024, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

 Service providers are aware of the challenges of dealing with upset, angry, frustrated and confused clients. Increasingly, one is presented with personally intimidating, hurtful hostile behaviour. Hostile incidents are clearly on the increase; dealing effectively with hostile individuals takes energy and the careful application of a specific range of skills. Unfortunately, it is much easier to intensify hostility than to defuse it. This workshop will provide participants with proven strategies for managing hostile interactions in a manner that dramatically increases the likelihood of constructive resolution for all parties.

Instructor: Mario Govorchin

Mario Govorchin is a dynamic, energetic and entertaining speaker and trainer. Much of his training work with organizations focuses on leadership, team development, change management, workplace harassment prevention, communication and conflict resolution. He is well-regarded in his work as an interventionist for organizations experiencing high internal conflict. Mario has particular strengths in individual performance and behavioural coaching and in mediating complex multi-party disputes.
Mario has significant experience working with individuals and teams in a coaching context; helping them to see and understand collective and individual behaviours and processes in new ways. He has worked with numerous organizations in a coaching capacity to support succession management, team and company performance enhancement and cohesion, and individual performance and behaviour modification.
Mario is very well-known and recognized for his comprehensive training in the areas of high anger, crisis and violence management for corporate, government and non-profit organizations. He is an acknowledged expert in the area of workplace violence prevention. Mario is also very committed to Social Services agencies throughout BC as both a Trainer and Facilitator and has developed and delivered programs such as Managing the Hostile Individual, Dealing with Challenging Behaviours and Violence in the Workplace Prevention. He regularly
provides services to Portland Hotel Society, the Salvation Army, Canadian Mental Health Association and many others. Mario also maintains an active Senior Trainer role at the Justice Institute of BC.