HSABC and HRC: Decolonization Series: Session 1- Introductions, over view and Canadian History and the Reserve system

January 27, 2022, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Hummingbirds Rising Consulting’s Introduction to Decolonization Series:

Decolonization must start with individual change, to more effectively drive the system change that is desperately needed. In this series, we connect the dots of past and present so that non-Indigenous Canadians can have a deeper understanding of how we got to where we are, and the realities that Indigenous people face. By the end of these sessions, participants will have some tools to recognize and call out racism and injustice when they see it. The synopsis below is subject to change, as some sections may change order or be pushed to other sessions depending on time and rich conversations that often occur.

Session one- Jan,27,2022:1pm - 4pm Introductions and overview of sessions, Canadian History, the Reserve System

Session two - Feb,3,2022: 1pm - 4pm Capitalism, Racism, Education

Session three - Feb,10,2022:1pm - 4pm Child Welfare, Health Care, the Justice System

Session four - Feb,17,2022: 1pm - 4pm Media, White Supremacy, Reflection

 Session five - Feb,25, 2022 : 1pm - 4pm Land Acknowledgement workshop, tying together all the learnings into best practices for crafting your own meaningful land acknowledgement.

*Please note all sessions must be attended in order as the content builds on itself. It is preferable that the same cohort move through the sessions together. This encourages deeper exploration and conversation, as well as more meaningful connections, with the material and the cohort.* 

Please also note: Once you have registered for session 1 a Zoom link will be sent to you a few days before the event is to start. A link will also be sent to you for all the other sessions, a few days before they start as well. No need to register for the other sessions as only those that attend Session 1 can attend the rest of the series!