HSABC and TRAC Webinar: Evictions

February 15, 2024, 10:00 - 11:30 AM


Eviction is the most common issue that TRAC hears about from BC tenants. If a tenant pays their rent late, how many days do they have to pay up in order to cancel the eviction? What are the rules regarding eviction when a rental property is sold? How does a “renoviction” differ from other types of evictions? This webinar will teach you not only the rules about evictions, but also how to successful challenge evictions through the Residential Tenancy Branch’s dispute resolution service. 

Instructor: Michelle Beda

Michelle Beda

Michelle Beda was hired at TRAC as a Legal Advocate in January 2020. After graduating from UBC Law in 2015, she worked for the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program as the Executive Director, and also volunteered by assisting low-income clients with legal matters ranging from Employment Standards hearings to criminal defence trials. Before joining TRAC, Michelle worked as a Legal Advocate for North Shore Community Services, MOSAIC, and First United.