HSABC & BCPRC: Anti-Oppression Workshop Series - Queer Competency Training

December 7, 2021, 12:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Homelessness Services Association of BC and BC Poverty Reduction Coalition are proud to present a five workshop series on Anti-Oppression with generous funding from the City of Vancouver. Through these workshops, we will explore the concepts of anti-oppression and the intersections that weave throughout the landscape. We aim to create a more inclusive and less oppressive world through education, discussion, and exploration.

Please note:

This training session is being offered again on Dec 14 (Same Content), 2021 please sign up for only one, not both!!


Workshop 5: Queer Competency Training with Qmuinty


In this workshop lead by Qmunity's education and training specialist Rana Nu, we will listen, learn and discuss:

  • LGBTQ2SAI+ terminology and definitions
  • Overview and reflection on the gender binary and spectrum models, to bring to light how we understand and talk about gender and sexuality as a society (media, pop culture, in school or health systems, etc.), and how this rigid understanding can be limiting and exclusionary
  • Exercise on gendered language, including pronouns, respectfully asking people their pronouns, and how often we assign someone a gender-based on the assumption.
  • Provide QMUNITY referrals to services and community contacts/referrals when appropriate.