HSABC & BCPRC: Anti-Oppression Workshop Series - Anti-Oppression 101 with Chanelle Tye

November 30, 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

HSABC and BCPRC: Anti Oppression Workshop Series 

Homelessness Services Association of BC and BC Poverty Reduction Coalition are proud to present, with generous funding from the City of Vancouver, a 5 workshop series on Anti-Oppression. Through these workshops we will explore the concepts of anti-oppression and the intersections that weave throughout the landscape. Through education, discussion, and exploration we aim to create a more inclusive, and less oppressive world. 


Workshop 1: Anti-oppression 101 with Chanelle Tye 

Chanelle Tye, Principal Consultant (she/her)

Chanelle Tye is an equity and inclusion collaborator and facilitator who specializes in the areas of anti-racism and LGBTQ2S+ inclusion. Her use of humour and commitment to engaging participant participation ensure safe learning environments for novices and experts in social justice issues. She brings a deep knowledge of the dynamics of power and privilege within educational, corporate, and institutional contexts.

Chanelle has a Master of Education in Equity Studies from Simon Fraser University with a focus on improving outcomes for organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion training. With ten years of experience as an out queer public school teacher, she was recently the Provincial Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Education Lead with British Columbia’s Ministry of Education. Currently, she partners with a gaggle of equity and inclusion specialists to educate about bringing justice to an unjust world.

To learn more about Chanelle visit her website: https://www.chanelletye.com/