Webinar - Foundational > Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviours – “Meeting People where they are at”

Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviours – “Meeting People where they are at”

posted on Dec 13, 2019

This session will discuss alternative approaches to verbal and physical behaviours that are expressed in an unsafe or aggressive manor in a shelter, outreach and housing setting. Taking a people centred approach, the instructors will discuss how to meet folks where they are at and co-regulating each other to stay connected and prevent further traumatization. To quote Ronnie, one of the instructors, “Kindness is our best option for co-creating safety”.

Instructor: Vikki Reynolds & Ronnie Grigg

Vikki’s experience includes consulting, training and clinical supervision with refugees and survivors of torture, mental health and substance abuse counsellors, rape crisis counsellors, frontline and housing workers and transgender and queer communities. She has developed curriculum and taught Group Work, Trauma, and Diversity courses at Vancouver Community College, Adler University and the University of British Columbia. She received the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Instructor from City University where she has taught for more than ten years. Vikki has presented her work internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Ireland, working in solidarity with numerous local organizations.

Ronnie is the manager at the Overdose Prevention Society an outdoor safe inhalation site in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The society provides low-barrier care and harm reduction supplies, with peer staff members working tirelessly to save lives and respond to overdoses during the crisis.