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Social Planner II - Renter Office - City of Vancouver

Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Social Planner II - Renter Office
Deadline: November 22, 2020
Posted: November 13, 2020

Job Description / Duties

Main Purpose & Function
Reporting to the Managing Director of Homelessness Services and Affordable Housing Programs and a Senior Planner in Arts, Culture and Community Services (ACCS) the Social Planner II in the City of Vancouver Renter Office will focus on coordinating City efforts to directly meet renter needs and maximizing external partnerships with existing renter serving organizations and advocacy groups. The Housing Vancouver Strategy (2018-2027) highlights the critical need to improve housing affordability, security and options for renters. The three-year Housing Vancouver Action Plan includes a commitment to better administer, enforce, and monitor the City’s Tenant Relocation and Protection Policies, coordinate internal staff to improve City services for renters and rental tenure, and support and enhance external community-based rental supports and work with rental advocates to support renters impacted by renovation and redevelopment.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities
• Lead City staff and coordinate with external partners to provide support to renters impacted by renovation, redevelopment, standards of maintenance issues, and unfair eviction
• Convene and collaborate with a cross-department team (Planning and Development Services, Development, Building and Licensing, Legal Services, Real Estate, Finance, Social Policy) to improve internal alignment and identify City service, plan and policy improvements to better support renters and rental tenure
• Review and refine existing policies, plans and services to improve equity in access to services and outcomes for low-income and marginalized renters (e.g. improving access to City of Vancouver information and data that can support renters seeking review by the Residential Tenancy Branch)
• Develop and lead collaborative and robust approaches to engagement and communication with internal and external partners and the public that includes designing, attending and facilitating public processes in a sometimes contentious environment
• Coordinate the development and implementation of a community-based Renter Centre to provide a location to gather key renter-serving organizations to increase tenant access to supports, education and legal advocacy
• Support and enhance external renter serving services and advocacy groups through project collaboration, training and/or non-profit grants
• Liaise with key external stakeholders, including TRAC, VTU, First United Advocacy and other non-profits, BC Housing, the Residential Tenancy Branch, and Landlord BC to influence, affect and deliver broad system and policy changes that improve the lives of Vancouver’s renters
• Produce an Annual State of Renting/Renters Report, including the monitoring of existing City policies and services and the pace of change in the community
• Prepare and manage work programs, including supervising other professional and technical staff and external consultants
• Report writing, including complex Council reports; presenting complex material to staff, senior management, the public and City Council
• Employ a continuous improvement approach to the delivery of data collection & management and analysis, utilizing a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques - including survey development, economic analysis and provide robust assessments of options and outcomes
• Perform other duties/responsibilities as assigned

Qualifications / Required Skills

Education and Experience:
• A University degree in Planning or related studies, preferably a post-graduate degree, combined with considerable experience in and commitment to developing affordable housing and addressing homelessness.
• Direct experience working with renters, low-income, marginalized and affordable housing communities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of current housing policies of the City of Vancouver and other levels of government, or in areas of work directly related to the responsibilities of this position as well as municipal development approval processes and regulations is expected, and the existing landscape of government and non-profit rental advocacy.
• Strong knowledge of social and affordable housing legislative and policy context, including the Residential Tenancy Act and City of Vancouver Tenant Relocation and Protection Policies
• An in-depth knowledge of the factors affecting housing supply and demand, including land use planning, land and development economics, social safety net policies, income distribution
• Up to date knowledge of equity, social, economic, political, technological, demographic and environmental trends, factors and issues related to rental housing needs of different groups in Vancouver and Metro area
• An in-depth knowledge of the barriers (economic, social, health, etc.) that can influence a renter’s ability to maintain their housing
• Considerable knowledge of project management philosophies and practices, including project scope, budgeting, scheduling, and coordination of team activities
• Experience embedding equity into projects, programs and processes
• Proven ability to adjust to a complex organizational structure with shifting priorities on highly politicized issues
• Strong organizing and project management skills
• Considerable skill in collaborative decision making, negotiation, interest-based problem solving, and demonstrated ability to achieve multiple program objectives within defined timelines.
• Strong communication skills (oral and written), including the ability to clearly articulate complex planning information to a variety of internal and external stakeholders
• Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other staff, professionals, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and the public
• Ability to supervise staff assigned to various projects and direct the work of consultants engaged on social planning projects
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a dynamic work environment.
• Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills
• Ability to deal with sensitive issues with diplomacy and tact
• Ability to perform planning research and assess option feasibility through financial and social policy analysis
• Considerable experience with electronic spreadsheets, presentation and database software
• A current and valid BC Driver's license; transportation arrangements must meet operational requirements of the Department.

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