Staff Team

Celine Mauboules 

Executive Director,  |  778. 945.7789

Celine has a Masters of Arts in Sociology from UBC and is also a Registered Professional Planner. She has a passion for social justice and has spent the majority of her career supporting efforts to ensure everyone has access to safe, secure and adequate housing. She has been working with non-profit housing and homelessness service providers for almost two decades. Celine joined HSABC after working fourteen years with the City of Vancouver in a range of capacities including a Senior Planner position in the housing policy and projects department. In that capacity, she led the development and implementation of a variety of strategic programs and policies aimed at ending homelessness and increasing the supply of affordable housing through partnerships with senior levels of government, non-profit and private sector partners.

Jim Mandelin

Membership and Training Coordinator,  |  604.568.3373

Jim began with SNBC in 2012 and will be familiar to many of our members. Jim has overcome significant obstacles in his personal life and we are honoured to have him be part of the team. Jim started using alcohol at the age of ten to cope with a violent childhood and his criminal life began at age of twelve. Jim ran away from home at fifteen to the Downtown Eastside of  Vancouver. Seven years of drugs, alcohol, prison time and homelessness took its toll and at twenty-two, Jim had a drug induced heart attack, was pronounced dead in a hospital, only to come back life. Jim attributes this near-death experience as his impetus for change.

Now clean and sober 40 years, Jim became a counsellor and public speaker, and counsellor to people who have experienced trauma. He has shared his story with quarter of a million school children, incarcerated youth and university students the perilousness caused by trauma that lead to addiction, crime and homelessness!! After retiring from counseling, Jim joined SNBC.

Chloe Good

Extreme Weather Response and Program Coordinator,  |  778.945.7791

Chloe Good transitioned into the non-profit sector 8 years ago bringing 13 years of business management experience into the field. Her previous non-profit work has included proposal and grant writing, member relations, as well as fundraising event and campaign planning and delivery. Chloe joined the Greater Vancouver Shelter Strategy in 2015 as part of the Homeless Seniors Community of Practice. This peer-based model was designed to better enable front line service providers to meet the needs of a growing number of seniors accessing homelessness services. Since this time, her role with the organization has continued to grow through multiple research projects and community engagement initiatives with key stakeholders across Metro Vancouver. Relationship management and strategic thinking are strengths that she enjoys applying to all aspects of her work. She is extremely excited about the opportunity to connect with and support a greater number of service providers through the successful merger between SNBC and GVSS. Building on the foundation of research, training, and resource development of both organizations provides the Homelessness Services Association of BC with a unique opportunity to strengthen provincial networks and create a unified voice for the sector.

Dustin Lupick

Researcher and Policy Analyst,  |  778.945.7792

Dustin Lupick grew up in the Metro Vancouver suburb of Surrey, and has always been interested by how communities work, and the potential they contain for providing well being and services to all members of society. Prior to joining HSABC, Dustin completed his Master’s Degree at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning. He spent the past few years working on social policy projects that seek to empower our most vulnerable populations. Projects include New Westminster’s Age-Friendly Community Strategy that envisions a New West future that is safe and equitable for everyone. He also worked on the City of Vancouver’s Social Procurement Program to provide economic opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Zharkyn Baiazova

Administrative Assistant,  |  778.945.0322

Zharkyn is currently doing Master’s Degree in Political Science at Simon Fraser University. Her research interests lie primarily in the area of good governance and development. Zharkyn has previously worked in the non-profit sector implementing projects advocating access to healthcare, education, employment, and other social services for the marginalized groups in Central Asia.